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Jottings from a Webinar on Cybersecurity – Cybersecurity while working remotely

Jottings from a webinar on CyberSecurity – Please Read, Learn and Share this Content

Written by Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu (Pinky)

My Notes From A Webinar…

Theme – CyberSecurity while working Remotely.

‘Stay Safe’ was the Most Common word for 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is Equally Important to Stay Safe Online while working Remotely.

Harmful Softwares used by Hackers have been Made centering around COVID-19.

Hackers may cause you to download a file harmful to your Computers or Devices.

A Word of Advice – Do not Use your Company’s device to watch X-rated Contents… This will pose a great risk for your Organization.

Using the same Passwords in Different Locations is Very Risky and Wrong… Example – Using the Same Passwords for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zoom etc. This can make you prone to Hackers… Because once the Hackers can Access just one of your Accounts, they can Also try to Access Others.

Cyber-Criminals have access to loads of E-mail accounts and Also even Netflix Accounts.

Things to do while you work from Home:

“Think before You Click”

Hackers are Trying to Impersonate big Organizations like Microsoft, Like the WHO (World Health Organization), Like Facebook… All in a Bid to Put you in a Position at Risk.

Review Every Link before You Click on it.

Do not Click links directly in E-mails, Manually type out the Links in your Browser.

Cyber-Criminals are Distributing Malwares due to COVID-19


Your Passwords shouldn’t be less than 8 Characters.

Use a Combination of Upper and Lower Case Characters and Also Numbers and Special Characters.

Treat your Password like your Under Pants and Change it Frequently.

It is Important to Use a Unique Password for Every Platform you log on to.

Also is Multi-Factor Identification… Turn on Two-factor Identification for your Accounts to Beef Up Security.

Organizations Should Enforce Two-factor Verification for their Staffs’ E-mails.

To Avoid Data Loss, Assuming your Devices or Computer gets Stolen, Ensure you are Consistently Backing Up your Records, Data and Documents.

When you are in your Car, Your Laptop Should Always be in the Trunk of the Car… For Security Reasons

If your Device Gets Stolen, Have a Means to get your Data Wiped to Avoid your Data in the Wrong Hands… This is the Reason why you must Consistently Back Up.

It is Important not to use your Personal Device as your Work device. You Should have a Seperate device.

Another thing to do is to use a VPN.

A VPN software is Important.

Update your Softwares.

Make Sure you have an Anti-virus for your Computers and your Phones.

You need to have a Firewall.

Do not go into the Web without Protection.

It is important to ask your Recruiter or Employer for CyberSecurity Training and Awareness.

Do not Click on links or download attachments from Unsolicited E-mails – Even from People you know or Colleagues. Because it is Possible that the Person’s Account may have been Compromised.

Some Links are Very Very Harmful.

Do not Visit Unapproved Websites.

Cyber-Criminals just need one Person to access a Whole lot of People.

Think before You Click.

Beef Up the Security of your Passwords.

Turn on Multi-Factor Verification on Every App you use.

Again “Think before you Click.”

We need to be Extremely Careful about our CyberSecurity.

You need to Stay Safe online too.

Treat your Passwords like your Underpants cos you Do not want people to see them. Do not Give out your Passwords.


Question 1 – What is the Best Strategy – Is it to have CyberSecurity in-house or Out-Source it?

Answer – it Depends on what works best for you the Organization. Organization can Out-Source it as it will reduce burden on the Company. Or they can have it in-house to Save Costs. CyberSecurity People Earn Higher than the Average Person.

Question 2 – How can one Secure the Website of an organization.

Answer – Install a Firewall to make Sure that there is Protection that Filters information to the Website.

WordPress is a Great Provider for a Website.

Question 3 – How do we know if CyberSecurity is Breached?

Answer – You see that your Account has been logged into on Various Systems.

Keep an Eye on your Logs.

Hackers are Very Boastful. They like to Brag. They can Brag about the Information they got from your Device.

Do not have the Same Passwords because your Different E-mails can be Hacked Simultaneously.

Hackers will make Sure you no longer Have Access to your Accounts.

When you are Affected, Other People in your Business line Will also be Affected.

Be Very Intentional about CyberSecurity.

The Person who hacked your Account might try to have Access to Other People you know.

Most Hackers may be Quiet about It and Just Use your Information.

Question 4 – Any App or Software to Prevent you from Being Hacked?

Answer – There are Different Protections for Different Systems.

Protect your Device with an Anti-virus.

The Story of David and Goliath was Cited

Goliath had a Small hole at the middle of head and David aimed for that hole and that is how Goliath was Defeated.

Same thing is Applicable to Hacking. A Cyber-Criminal will leverage on a Loophole.

Although you must note that there is no Such thing as 100% Security but there is Something as Being Very Difficult to Hack.

Be Very Very Hard to Hack, so that Hackers will give Up on you.

About VPNs…

From the Movie – Money Heist, Between The Bank and The Professor, There was a Tunnel that they Built.

A Communication like a Tunnel helps to Guard you.

Using a VPN helps you to Send information in a Secured Tunnel.

Question 5 – Should Companies tell the Public when they are hacked?

Answer – This is in the Law!

Because when Hacking Occurs, Data are Exposed.

Give the Relevant information to your Customers on the Level of hacking that has taken place.

All Reputable Companies Should take Ownership for what has happened.

Question 6 – Is there any Cyber Forensics to make Sure Hackers are Punished?

Answer – There are Laws in Different Countries that Punish Cyber Crimes.

There is an Arm of CyberSecurity Called Forensics.

Walmart was Hacked a while ago. But From Assessments, It wasn’t the Fault of Walmart – A Vendor Made The Hackers to have Access to Walmart’s Information.

Forensics are Actually very Expensive and not every Organization can Afford it.

This is why you need to have Back Ups, Consistently Back Up your Information.

Hacking Can Potentially Kill your Business.

A good example of the Operations of Hackers is getting Friend Requests on Facebook from People you already have as Friends… This is what Hackers do.

Question 7 – Your View on Centralization of Data From Companies like Facebook or Apple.

Answer – For Companies, If anything happens to your Account… If your Account is Breached… The Company should tell you.

When Twitter was Hacked some time back… They Asked all its Users to Change their Passwords.

Companies Compromised in Data Breach Should take Responsibility and Own Up.

Companies Should Notify their Customers when there Is a Breach

And that Rounded Up the Facebook Webinar on CyberSecurity.

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Valuable Information Remote Work Webinars

Some Important Things to Know about REMOTE WORK – Jottings From a Webinar

Written by Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu (Pinky)

These are my jottings from the Opportunity Desk Live Session on Remote Work.

OD LIVE SESSION With Mr. Ade Olowojumo.

What is Remote Work?

A remote job is one that is done away from the office in a remote location. This could be either work done from home, or work done on the road in the case of a job such as a regional salesperson.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a great opportunity for us to work remotely.

To work Remotely:

  1. You need to be disciplined.
  2. You need to be organized.
  3. And You need to get digital Skills.

Some Good Digital Skills you can get include:

a) Graphics Designing

b) User Interface Design

c) Copywriting

d) Artificial Intelligence

e) And Data Science.

How to Find a Remote Work

Companies are now investing in the digital spaces.

You need to try to get any of these digital Skills.

You need to find out the opportunities available that you can tap into.

You will have to do a thorough research.

Use Google to find out things – Google is a great tool.

You can Search on Google – “Top 10 Skill areas for Remote work”.

Newer skill sets are coming up each day.

Good Sites to get Remote Work include:

  • Fiverr
  • UpWork
  • Flexjobs
  • Indeed
  • Pinky’s Blog

You need to get some coaching

Get a mentor in any field you want to go into.

Go for knowledge.

Go to Twitter and do a search on people working remotely.

Some successful people in remote work usually do a vlog or a blog on how to get remote work.

How to Apply for a Remote Job – Important things to know about Remote Work

You will need your CV, cover letter and a portfolio of the past jobs you have done.

Before applying for a remote work, you need to get on several projects.

You need to be willing to learn.

Learn how to be a web designer.

Learn graphics designing.

Basically, start working on several projects.

The projects are what you will show on your portfolio.

You will have to tailor your CVs to your remote work profiles.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Caveat – There are a lot of scams on the internet presenting themselves as sites to get remote jobs.

You need to verify the information you get from the internet.

The global market has crashed.

COVID-19 and the recession is presenting a lot of opportunities especially for remote work.

Remote work do not also come easy.

You must put in effort to get them.

You need to put in work.

The biggest challenge is call-to-action.

You have to reach out to a lot of organizations on a daily basis.

You have to understand the skills required.

Start taking on projects.

Start reaching out to organizations.

Send a follow-up e-mail a week after applying for the jobs.

You can record a one minute video on what you can do for the employers to watch.

Look for problems and devise a solution.

Every organization is looking for someone to solve problems.

For example – You can search for Web Designing jobs in Pittsburgh, USA… Or any good location you wish.

Every loophole is an opportunity.

Again some Remote Work Sites are…

  • Craigslist

More Things to know – Important things to know about Remote Work

Join communities of remote workers on social media.

Join communities of data scientists.

Look for successful data scientists.

You can search for successful data scientists in the U.K or the U.S

Be open to new technology

Know how new skills work.

To achieve a balance while working remotely, have a schedule.

Some Benefits of Remote Work

You can prepare psychologically for remote work by seeing the benefits.

You save money instead of shopping for a new wardrobe if you were going to a regular office.

You also save energy by cutting out transportation costs to a normal office.

Some Warnings

Avoid job scams…

Work with verified job sites with a proven track record.

Ms. Grace Iheji also made mention of the existence of fake scholarships websites for example.

In his Last words – Mr. Ade said, If you don’t get a remote job you want, you can create one with your Skills.

😊 And that Wrapped Up the OD LIVE SESSION on remote work.

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