About Our Organization

On April 1st, 2020, at the peak of the CoronaVirus pandemic, a dream was born… I started a project to empower everyone with Fantastic Opportunities!!

This project/blog started as a mere WhatsApp Group where I Share Great & Unique Opportunities to my readers.

So far… this dream has materialized and grown bigger!

Now Pinky’s Blog has presence on different Social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram & Now a Website!!

This Dream and Project entails empowering everyone with valuable & relevant information, opportunities, jobs – including international & remote jobs, as well as great resources!

It is a dream come true!

Pinky’s blog wants to see you achieving your career prospects.

We believe we can help you find great opportunities that can transform your life!!

These are the goals, mission and objectives of this Great blog.

We want to be a part of your transformational journey!

Feel free to go through our website to access life-changing opportunities & resources.

We are always here to provide great info!!

Let us be a part of your success stories.

Find great and detailed information on Pinky’s Blog.

For Worldwide, International & Transforming Opportunities… Trust Pinky’s Blog to serve you.