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Free Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cisco Networking Academy (Updated)

Start the Free Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

This course is now updated and improved in a more engaging way!!

This course is part of the career pathway for Cybersecurity.

In this blog post; here are all the details contained:

What the Course is All About?

This is an introductory course and this course will give you an in-depth knowledge of the topic of Cybersecurity

You will be learning the basics of Cybersecurity and how you can protect your personal life online. You will also gain knowledge on the biggest security challenges that organizations, governments and educational institutions face in the present days.

It is worthy to note that Cybersecurity professionals who can apply their knowledge of Cybersecurity to protect and defend an organization’s internet presence are very much in great demand.

Some Important Elements for this Course

  • It is totally free to enroll for this course. You will not be required to pay for this course at any time.
  • Duration of the course – This course will last about 6 hours as a rough estimate. We have calculated that you will spend approximately 6 hours to complete the course. But there is no rush; you can finish the course when you want. It is a self-paced learning.
  • Level of hardness for this course – this course is majorly for beginners. So, without any knowledge of Cybersecurity, you can enroll and take this course.
  • Language used for the course – The course is in English Language

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Things you will achieve with this course – Achievements for Free Course: Introduction to CyberSecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

  1. Cybersecurity Administration

You will become familiar with the field of Cybersecurity and understand how Cybersecurity problems affect everybody.

2. Threat Analysis

You will become more aware of the ever-changing internet threat landscape, you will gain knowledge on the characteristics of cyber attacks, malware and also cryptocurrency.

3. System Safeguards

You will gain knowledge on how to protect your data and information systems using authentication, encryption and backup.

4. Network Defense

You will understand the various types of security measures you will need to protect your networks. That is, from infrastructure to devices to data.

5. Resource Specialist

You will become familiar with legal and ethical issues within Cybersecurity and you will know more about opportunities in taking the Cybersecurity path, you will know about credentials and work roles.

6. Course Badge in Free Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

You will gain verified introductory understanding of Cybersecurity… This will include – the outcome of threats and the reasons why Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a growing profession.

CONTENTS OF THE COURSE – Free Course: Introduction to CyberSecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

Part 1 –  This section looks at the need for Cybersecurity, who are those who attack Cybersecurity, the value of data to everyone and organizations in a bid to protect against attacks.

Part 2 – This section looks at attacks via malware, social engineering and attacks that targets apps. It also explains the susceptibility of a system and various threats that can work against them.

Part 3 – In today’s global world, information security is very important. When information flows easily among users, organizations and businesses, how does the data stay secured so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Part 4 – Any organization can achieve security by implementing the security features that are available on a network’s hardware. This section looks at firewalls, IDS/IPS’s and other security apps that can detect cyber attacks.

Part 5 – The rate of cyber crime in the society is causing a greater need for Cybersecurity professionals. Job opportunities in Cybersecurity are available in both public and private sectors. Cybersecurity professionals need a marriage of computer expertise and Cybersecurity education.

THE CAREER PATH for Free Course: Introduction to CyberSecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

Cyber attacks are on the increase with every digital connection all around the world.

The pathway centers on the protection of computerized systems

  1. Introduction to Cybersecurity
  2. A future-proof career
  3. The Cybersecurity threat landscape
  4. The anatomy of an attacker
  5. Networking essentials
  6. Cybersecurity essentials
  7. A day in the life of a cybersecurity professional
  8. Connection to jobs
  9. The bridge between talent and employment

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Free Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cisco Networking Academy









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