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Job Interview Questions and Answers

10 Common Job Interview Questions with their Answers

Prepare for your job interview with these pro tips.

Job Interview Questions 1 – Tell me about yourself

Job Interview Questions


  • Start by saying your names
  • Tell the interviewer where you stay
  • Talk about your education
  • Talk about your job experiences


My name is Rosemary Iwu. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Public and International Affairs. I have worked with SONY, American International Insurance, Online Book Club, All Women’s Talk New York and Access Bank Nigeria.

Job Interview Questions 2 – Why are you looking for a job change?


  • Say thanks to your previous organization for your professional development
  • Explain what you learnt from your past job experience
  • Share your reason for a job change
  • Relate about your career goals


I am grateful to my previous organization because I have learnt a lot from there that has impacted my career growth. I believe that changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and for both personal and financial growth. From my last job, I have learnt to be more hardworking, dogged, focused and have learnt to cope with deadlines and pressure, I have also learnt efficient time management. I see your organization as a great platform where I can learn more.

Job Interview Questions 3 – What are your strengths?


  • Adaptability
  • Hard working
  • Honest
  • Flexibility
  • Optimistic
  • Fast decision making
  • Persistence
  • Self motivated


I am a honest, self-motivated and hardworking lady with a positive attitude towards my career and life

Job Interview Questions 4 – What are your weaknesses?


  • Straightforward
  • Impatient
  • Sensitive
  • Talkative
  • I trust people easily
  • I can’t say no when someone asks for help
  • I take decisions very quickly
  • I get nervous when I talk to strangers
  • To say a lie is difficult for me, I am brutally honest
  • When I am not interested in something, I get lazy about it


I cannot say no when someone asks me for help, and I am a bit lazy when I am not interested in a task

Job Interview Questions 5 – What are your salary needs or requirements?


  • Don’t share your salary requirements for an entry level role
  • Experienced candidates can share their expected salary
  • Always say your salary expectations in relation to the company norms where you have applied to


  1. For a fresher or entry level role – Salary is not first priority for me. This is a great platform for me to start my career and I also want to improve my knowledge and skills, and gain experience. So, I expect a considerate salary according to my ability and what I can offer. I also expect a salary in compliance with your standing company norms which will help to fulfill my economic needs.
  2. For experienced role – I have 7 (seven) years experience in Human resources role. My current CTC (cost to company) is $4,000 a month and salary expectations is not a big issue for me. I expect salary in comparison with your company’s designation and also in relation to my qualifications and experience. I believe this will help me maintain my professional standard and meet my personal and economic needs.

Job Interview Questions 6 – What are your career goals?


  • Say your short-term goals
  • Say also your long-term goals


My short-term goal is to get a meaningful employment in your reputable organization where I can utilize my skills and improve my career path.

My long-term goal is to advance further in my career and attain management level in your organization. I also seek to bring in great ideas for the betterment and advancement of the organization.

Job Interview Questions 7 – Why should I hire you?


  • Share your knowledge
  • Share your work experience
  • Talk about your skills related to the job
  • Explain your career goals


  1. Sir/Ma, as I am a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge but I can do skilled work for your organization. I promise to put in all my efforts for the good progress of the organization. I will always be punctual to the office and be sincere with my work. I will finish the work given to me on time. I will also try my best to fulfill all the needs of the company assigned to me.

  2. For experienced level – I believe that I satisfy all the needed requirements for this job. I am sincere with my work flow and I would never let you down in any way. I promise that you will never regret the decision to appoint me in your organization.

Job Interview Questions 8 – Why do you want to work at our company?


  • Tell them what you like about the company
  • Relate your answer to your long-term goals


Sir/Ma, it will be a great privilege to work in a reputable organization like yours. When I read about your company, I found that my skills do match with your requirements. I need a great business environment like yours where I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the growth of the organization

Job Interview Questions 9 – Tell me what you know about this company?


  • Before coming to the job interview, you need to study about the company in details
  • You need to do background research about new projects in the company
  • You need to know the names of the owners of the company and their partners
  • You will need to research about the company’s current issues
  • Lastly, update your knowledge about their competitors


Your company is one of the fastest growing companies in Nigeria. Your work environment is very good and commendable. I have researched that people feel proud to be part of the company because your company provides full support to your employees in a professional manner. Your company has a lot of branches all around the world and this will provide a good portal for me to showcase my talents.

Job Interview Questions 10 – Finally, do you have any questions to ask us?


  • Express thanks for the interview opportunity
  • You may want to know about the salary structure and other details relating to compensation
  • You can also ask about the job timings: time for resumption of duties and closure, days of the week for work, days/time off work
  • Ask about the job location, in case you are to be assigned to a specific branch of the company
  • Ask about overtime allowance: compensation for the days when you have to work overtime
  • Training period and how the organization wants to  conduct training for the job
  • Transportation facility, if any. Navigation to and fro work


Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Sir/Ma, I would like to know about the job timings and transportation facilities in place. Please what will be my job location or location designation? I also will like to know the salary structure or scale for this job in your organization.

These are 10 (ten) common job interview questions and answers I find necessary for preparing for a job interview, let me know if you have any other interview questions in the comments or what you think about this post. Have a delightful day, Love, Pinky.

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