International Center for Language Resources (ICLR) Language Sponsorship Programme

Apply for the International Center for Language Resources (ICLR) Language Sponsorship Program

This is a sponsored program

New additional languages in this session of the program include – Japanese, Dutch, Italian and Farsi.

This is a first-class program started by the Brigg’s Group during a visit to the Republic of Gambia. It was observed that although Gambia should be an Anglophone country (an English speaking country), many of it’s nationals could barely speak English.

Bill Charlton, a former associate and teacher was contacted along with other professionals and they devised a language teaching method that was different and effectual.

This was done without the use of books, notes taking and memorizing.

The program began to gain sponsors and then grow to the level it is today.

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This is the course content for the program;

The following languages are structured within the program:

1. ICLR French

2. ICLR Spanish

3. ICLR German

4. ICLR Chinese

5. ICLR Arabic

6. ICLR Russian

7. ICLR Japanese

8. ICLR Portugese

9. ICLR Farsi

To know more about the course content –CLICK HERE


1. Fill the online form on the official website correctly

2. Submit the form when you have finished filling it up

3. All applications will be reviewed and successful candidates will be contacted

4. Selected candidates will go through a selection assessment

5. There will be an online interview for candidates after selection

6. Successful candidates will be contacted to complete registration and make payment for facilitation fee


  • For all candidates seeking to participate in this program, your contact information is required
  • You will also require a smartphone or a laptop and access to good internet connection


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