Ms. Rabia Khan got a Scholarship for Free Education

Free Education at the University of the People
October 23, 2021

Congratulations to Ms. Rabia Khan from Pakistan who got scholarship for free education at the University of the People through Pinky’s Blog.

She got the information through this blog and she applied. She was given scholarship. She will be studying her Master’s in Education Advanced Studies Free of Charge!!

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Congratulations Ms. Rabia!!! Pinky’s Blog is proud of you!

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If you will like to apply for this same opportunity to study your Bachelors or Master’s degree program Free Of Charge… Please click on Scholarship At The University of the People

Rabia recently contacted Pinky’s Blog to give an update of her schooling. She thanked Pinky’s Blog for offering her the opportunity of scholarship, she also added that she is working hard at her studies. Find details in the screenshot below:

Pinky’s Blog is really proud for all her achievements of getting a scholarship for free education.

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